Springtide Feast

A celebration of the first fruits of the year, the honor of hosting this holiday rotates between the settlements. For some reason, Sootscale Cavern, itself newly folded into the Sylvangardian flock, was chosen to host the inaugural event in the year 4714.

4714-Sootscale Caverns

Given a scant ten-day notice of the event by Goody Lecta, Mayor Ysko, nonetheless managed to turn their main cavern into a feasthall. The feast consisted of ‘salads’ (chives, irises, dogflower buds and mustard greens and was ‘dressed’ with raw beaten eggs), moon radish, potato and grub stew and roast giant spider…washed down with generous helpings of mikmead. All visiting nobles, dignitaries and trader/envoys attended.

Height of the Event: Coriella induces a brawl for the priveledge of guarding Melchior, since the last kobold(Hickree, now dead) ‘failed’

Springtide Feast

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