4714 (Tatzlford)
Archery Contest—Craft—Goody Velina, Distance—Anistasia ‘Annie’ Farmer, Precision-Goody Angi, Mounted—Zenina Fachi
Dart-thru-the-hoop(kids)—Mellie Lezbin
Stone-Throwing—Stas vs Jebrin Hamfast
Chili Cook-off— Lenny Rubenka’s Stout Chili vs Mikmek’s Chiliax
Bake-off— Vaton ‘Nono’ Haruno’s moonradish pasties vs Goody Zedeka’s fish handpies

The newly opened Tatzlford Brewery provided some of it’s flagship product, mother’s milk

4713 (Haven)
Archery Contest—Coriella wins them all . . . and is promptly voted next years judge, much to her disgust.
dart-thru-the-hoop(kids)—Penny, Tyg Tannerson
stone-throwing—Kurik, Stas
chili-cooking competition—Perlivash, kurik judges
bake-off—Mikmek, Svetlana judges
cold wolfberry mead made by Svetlana, Lily Teskertin gets smashed and flirts outrageously with Kurik, Kesten, Akiros, Thonolan, Jhod . . . .
Arven provides slow-baked trout

evening wedding of Jhod and Bealana, performed by Thonolan


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