Iacobus, unsavory so of Lord Vors Medvyed, faked his death and fled capture after the Leader of Pitax, Irovetti, attempted to arrest him for ‘abuse of position’, specifically the use of his governmental contacts to waylay trade missions. The last group that was ambushed turned the tables on the attackers using Numerian devices and it is presumed they who killed the ambassador and his entourage. The collateral damage was severe enough that an accurate body count was impossible and all parties are presumed dead.

In fact, Iacobus and one of the Numerians survived. Iacobus grabbed some of the Numerian artifacts and fled, pursued by the Numerian. Iacobus made it to the Thousand Voices. His pursuer was overcome by Nyrissa’s minions, but Iacobus managed to defeat or counfound them with his deviousness and Numerian technology. Intrigued, the Nymph offerd herself as patron and lover to the depraved young man. Would he but fetch her Briar, and even greater rewards would be his.

Iacobus returned to the River Kingdoms, now allied with this unpredictable fey’s favor. After wandering the kingdoms under a new name—his looks had been altered by his time in the 1st world, giving him a gnomish cast and turning his hair a brilliant emerald, Niall Banon(means Champion of the Queen) determines that the best way to conduct the search is from the throne of a kingdom. Killing two birds with one stone, he determines to rule Pitax. Using his NUmerian devices, he inserts himself into Pitaxian life and worms his way into Irrovetti’s confidence. At the next Daggermark council, he has Irrovetti murdered and frames Coriella.

After the council, Niall turns to the business at hand. He eventually recovers Briar, but conceals the fact and the sword, prefering his mistress’ current favor to future promises. Unaware, Nyrissa sets him a second task—to distract the heroes, who have begun to stumble upon the edges of her fruiting plan. Niall hopes to do so much more than distract…


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