Great Fey Prank War

By Sylvangardian law, those within Sylvangarde towns(and those outside of town wearing a sylvangarde pin), are exempt from the repercussions. Accidents can still happen, though the fey usually provide compensation. (Also, Melchior is generally pranked, because he is such a good sport, anyway)

Typical Fey Pranks:

spiked food/drink, judicious use of grease, petty theft, vandalism

4714 a group of fey challenge Bokken to a contest of magic… two asrai use Melchior as their proving ground…Melchior receives a girdle of gender change from someone unknown(he puts it into the vault labeled NO Touchy)—Calliope can uncurse it without a caster level check)

Great Fey Prank War

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