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  • 9 Iacobus Medvyed

    Iacobus, with no arcane talent (little talent in general, except for a proclivity to debauchery), became intently jealous of the attentions of his father on the ‘orphaned whelp’. His steady dislike transformed into a rumor campaign, culminating in …

  • 9 Dirty Jeb Megesen

    Ayles' younger brother, Dirty Jeb likes to think he got his nickname for his penchant for fighting dirty, when in fact the moniker stems from his aversion to hygiene.

  • 9 Falgrim Sneeg

    Falgrim Sneeg is an older Varisian with graying hair and an unruly beard. A former mercenary, he possesses an unnerving calm in the face of violence.

  • 9 Jex the Snitch

    The least popular with the men, but perhaps the Stag Lord's favorite minion is this aptly-nicknamed man. His penchant for reporting the other bandit's mistakes to the Stag Lord is likely to earn him a shallow grave before much longer.

  • 9 Auchs

    Auchs is simple-minded in everything but cruelty. He loves the sound of sobbing and screaming when the sounds aren't coming from him, and gleefully curshes and pummels bandits and prisoners alike according to the commands of his fellow lieutenants or the …

  • 9 Dovan from Nisroch

    Until Akiros usurped the role, Dovan was comfortably second-in-command of the fort. Secretly pleased with the Stag Lord's alcoholism, Dovan has been actively encouraging the man to drink, for as long as the Stag Lord is in his cups, power ocer the bandits …

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