2 Bokken

This mildly unkempt man fidgets, unable to be still under your gaze.


Although the Greenbelt is far from safe, the seclusion promised is too much to resist for some, such as local eccentric and potion maker Bokken. His manner is that of a jittery bird, and his speech is swift and clipped as if he’s eager to finish every conversation. Yet Bokken is no hater of gold, and his eagerness to sell the potions he makes is well known to many of the travellers in the region—he usually sells directly to Oleg, but he’s willing to sell to Melchior as well if asked.

He generally keeps p(CLW)x2, p(endure elements)x2 and p(CModW) on hand.

He gives Melchior an extra potion every time Mel stops by, as thanks for putting his brother out of Bokken’s misery.

In Shambles

2 Bokken

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