Lord Vors to Melchior Lamashan 20

My dear boy,

I cannot tell you how I empathize with your current travails. My counsel, however, is simply that, whatever your tribulations, they always seem overwhelming. Indeed, I suspect that unless one feels overwhelmed, one is not doing one’s job properly. Of course, I have not tried to govern fey before, let alone putting them in a position of such trust. I can quite see your point of view, but I believe you have many battles ahead against the prejudice of generations. Keep your spirits up, remember to keep time for yourself and let others assist you. Man alone was not meant for such burdens.

As winter closes in, I have provided some supplies that should help you and your people pass the season more comfortably. They are a gift from Iacobus, actually. I mentioned the late start your settlers got and he, quite nobly, insisted on sending a token of his esteem. He fairs well in Pitax, though I have several times invited him home to heal the breach in our little family, he feels duty-bound to remain in his position until a suitable replacement is found.

I am gratified to hear, by way of Lady Coriella, that your personal life progresses well. She is quite the earthy creature. Please convey my regards to your lady,

Lord Vors Medvyed


astrounicorn astrounicorn

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