Desnus Council Meeting Agenda

And Note From Kurik

Old Business:
Kurik and Goody Niska—Status of the Realm: Economy, Security, Notable Events, Interior Relations, External Relations

New Business
Kurik: Expansion and Public Works
Mikmek: Discovery which has the tendency to create good economicness and less stuck in the mudness
Goody Lecta: Report of Sootscale Cavern’s ‘Joining Fest’

Open Floor Requests
Stessa, ambassador from the Isle of Tisken

Note from Kurik
Don’t forget you want to prepare Goody Lecta to put on a celebration every month, starting next month. Might want to vary the locale, too, the big celebrations are all in Haven right now.

Do you know what the faerie dragon wants? He was asking me before session where we were expanding our borders…


astrounicorn astrounicorn

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