The Rabble-Rouser

The third time the PCs return home from the wilderness, they discover a new threat in town. A charismatic orator arrived a day after the PCs last left town and has been giving speeches criticizing and denigrating the leadership and their actions. More and more of the townsfolk are
gathering to hear him talk, and he’s building a wellspring of support among the disaffected settlers in the town.

Creatures: The speaker, Grigori, is a bard from the nearby River Kingdom of Pitax. Grigori is not just an itinerant storyteller, however—he is a spy and agent provocateur sent by Irovetti, the Lord of Pitax, to spread chaos and dissent in the town with the aim of overthrowing the PCs
and possibly paving the way for Pitax to annex the town. In order to cover his tracks and retain plausible deniability, Irovetti used several layers of agents to hire Grigori—as far as the bard knows, he was hired to cause trouble in this fledgling town by agents from Fort Drelev to the west.

When the PCs first arrive, Grigori is giving a talk in the town common, speaking of the PCs’ “gross negligence” in abandoning the town to “go gallivanting through the Narlmarches on fool’s errands” and leaving the town exposed to banditry, monster attacks, and worse. He brings up the town’s recent werewolf troubles and even suggests that the PCs may be responsible for the attacks because their wilderness explorations drove the monster into more civilized areas. He claims that the PCs have acquired much wealth during their adventures, but they have used it only
to enrich themselves, not to aid the town or its citizens.

Grigori’s orations have increased the nation’s Unrest by 2 by the time the PCs first learn of him. A sizeable group of townspeople have gathered to hear Grigori talk, and shouts of agreement and mutters of discontent increase as the speech progresses (helped along by Grigori’s use of enthrall spells). If the PCs intervene, Grigori eloquently refutes any points they try to make
while trying to goad them into violence. If they try to remove him, he accuses them of oppression and of trying to “thwart the will of the people.” Should the PCs attack him, Grigori does nothing to defend himself, at least for this first skirmish, and such actions only cause more people to turn from the PCs and heed Grigori’s words.

The Rabble-Rouser

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