Leaders of Sylvangarde:
Lord Mayor Melchior
Co-Ruler Coriella
Advisory Council: Seneschal Kurik(Wis + 3), Grand Diplomat Thonolan( + 2), General Kesten Garess( + 3), High Priest Jhod Kavken( + 4), Magister Mikmek( + 4), Marshall Bealana( + 3), Royal Enforcer Artoria( +5), Spymasters Perlivash and Tyg-titter-tut( + 4), Treasurer Oleg Leveton( + 3), Warden Morzata Niska( +2 ), Councillor Svetlana Leveton( + 2)

Haven—Undermayor Peter Lassen
Tatzlford—Mayor Roy Lezbin
Oleg’s-Mayor Oleg
Sootscale Cavern-Mayor Ysko

Breaking the Back of Winter Abadius 15
Merrymead 2nd Calistril
Day of Bones Pharast 15
Planting Week Gozran 2nd week
Springtide Feast Desnus 15
Great Fey Prank War—unofficial ‘holiday’ the entire month of Sarenith, Fey Feast Sarenith 13
Archerfeast 3rd Erastus
The Tuskwater Games 10-15 Arodus
Founding Day 1st Lamashan
Harvest Feast between Lamashan and Neth
Seven Veils 23rd Neth
Winterweek25 thru 31 st

Visiting Ambassadors
Brevoy— Sir Sebastian Evermoor
Isle of Tisken—Stessa
Pitax—Sophia Irovettikin
Tiger Clan
Mivon—Aiden Elliasen
Varnhold— Logan Loganson

Hex-claiming bonuses:
11J-Increase defense of fort/watchtower by 1
12H-1/2 off fort/watchtower or castle
14I-Candlemere Tower Landmark, also 1/2 off fort/watchtower/castle
15D-Frog Pond hot springs increases fame by 1
15E-Garuum would need to be evicted, but then constructing a Fort or Watchtower here would increase its defense by 1
15I-Rattlecap Resource
16D-Establishing a settlement here gives you a free Temple
16F-Fangberry Thicket Resource
16J-Ferry Station landmark
17H-many fords across the Gurdin river here
17I-free mine
18C-Moonradish Resource
18E-The Old Sycamore Landmark
18F-Claiming this hex annexes Kobold Cavern settlement, which comes with 4 houses, an Exotic Artisan, an Alchemist and a Magical Academy

19E-Nettle’s Crossing Landmark(also bridge)


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