Kingdom Events

Arodus 4714
The Tuskwater Games 10-15 Arodus
Spies Like Us
Tatzlford: Match Made In Celestia

Erastus 4714
Close Call
Feathered Fury
annex 18c(moonradish patch) and 17d
build mine, fishery, farm near Sootscale Cavern
smithy oleg’s, brewery tatzlford
“rest assured, these funds will be put to use for the betterment of Sylvangarde”
outstanding success—Mother’s Milk
swordlords send reward for troll slaying, arrives Arodus

Sarenith 4714
Great Fey Prank War—unofficial ‘holiday’ the entire month of Sarenith, Fey Feast 13th
Hargulka’s Stronghold

Desnus 4714
Springtide Feast 15th
Chronic, Bars of Infinity
Claimed Old Sycamore, Sootscale Cavern
Watchtower in Tatzlford
Event: Discovery-Mikmium
Troll Sighting

Gozran 4714
Bars of Infinity
Crafted glowing gloves
Farm in mine hex
Town hall Oleg’s
No event
Hillary continued…

Pharast 4714
s(slipstream) CL3, p(CLW), Mithral full plate of speed
Mite Makes Right
svetlana begins warmups for archerfeast’s new square-dancing competition…

Calistril 4714
Vernal Shrine built
abjurant salt, scroll of hydraulic push CL 5, +1 rapier
More Bandit Assaults, ‘in house’ sent to root them out in the middle of winter…

Abadius 4714
Annex Oleg’s
Bandits assault 2nd Chance Mine ‘in house’

Kuthona 4713
No Event
The Dream

Neth 4713
Seven Veils

Lamashan 4713
Miliken—wealthy immigrant from Restov, former factor for House Medvyed, ‘in-house’

Rova 4713
Vandals—supporting the rabble-rouser, dealt with ‘in-house’

Arodus 4713
The Rabble-Rouser

Erastus 4713
No event
Wedding Bells
Flight of the Red Raven

Sarenith 4713
Outstanding Success—Mikmead is on a roll!!
The Luter

Desnus 4713
Outstanding Success, gain 1BP Mikmek’s wolfberry Mead
Rattlecap quest
Wet Rumors

Gozran 4713
In Shambles

Pharast 4713
The Slain Townsfolk

Abadius 4713
The Founding of Tatzlford

Neth 4712
Drug Den! While gathering supplies, some settlers have discovered ergot growing wild on fangberries. They have begun growing them privately and selling them . . .

Lamashan 4712
The founding of Haven

Kingdom Events

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