Journey to Oleg's

On the 2nd of Sarenith, Kurik and Melchior meet up with Coriella just outside of Restov. She has been hired by Milikin, Steward of House Medvyed in Restov to accompany them safely to Oleg’s Tap and Tavern.

On the 3rd, the group passes a trapper on his way to Restov, one Denth Clebrekk, a smelly chatty dwarf. He shares some gossip(Bandits, Tatzlwurms, Breeg Orlivanch).

They overnight at Nivakta’s Crossing, a small farm/inn situated at a ford in the Strike River.

The 4th of Sarenith sees our party out of the hills and onto the plain.

Still traveling through the grassy plains on the 6th, the group comes across an interesting pair—a juvenile wolf and a dire boar duking it out. Coriella and Melchior decide that they like boar meat and so Melchior puts the wolf to sleep, Coriella puts it out and they walk off with the boar, which Coriella butchers as they go.

The 7th of Sarenith the party pushes themselves to arrive at their destination just before dusk . . .

Journey to Oleg's

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