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  • Melchior of Medvyed

    Son of a favored servant (high steward to Vors Mevyed), Melchior was groomed from the age of 6 (the death of his father occurred at this time) to take his father’s position over on reaching his majority. Lord Vors oversaw young Melchior’s education …

  • 2 Oleg Leveton

    Stern and unimaginitive, Oleg moved away from the constant machinations and political maneuverings that dominated his urban life in Restov. All Oleg really wanted with his trading post was a place for him and his wife to live far enough from the sins …

  • 2 Svetlana Leveton

    Svetlana is a sweet, longsuffering soul. Proud of her husband, concerned for his pride and well-being, supportive of his new life and business, she is the hear of the Tap and Tavern.

  • 2 Perlivash

    Perlivash is a small butterfly-winged dragon with shining eyes and a quick wit. He is fond of doing loops in the airs, sipping wine and mead (but not beer!), and perching on the heads or hats of friendly bigginses.

  • 2 Thonolan

    Grew up in a profession--carving, quarrying No parents alive, 4 siblings (Fiola, Marthona, Markeno, Caroliia) Keeps sacred carving in pouch around neck Colorblind Lost wife in childbirth, wanderlust his whole life fatalistic, but not depressed-- …

  • 2 Mikmek

    MikMek, of the Sootscale kobold tribe. Met Melchior in a moonradish patch, where he first displayed his startling intellect by . . . falling 'asleep' he later solicited the kindhearted melchior's help in freeing his tribe from a despotic, destruction …

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