Tag: 2nd Chance Mine


  • 2 Thonolan

    Grew up in a profession--carving, quarrying No parents alive, 4 siblings (Fiola, Marthona, Markeno, Caroliia) Keeps sacred carving in pouch around neck Colorblind Lost wife in childbirth, wanderlust his whole life fatalistic, but not depressed-- …

  • 4 Akiros Ismort

    Of the three lieutenants, Akiros is the least satisfied with his lot in life--but that's nothing new for him. Simple farmers in a rural area in Taldor, Akiros' parents wanted nothing more for him than life as a protector of the town--as a paladin of …

  • 9 Fat Norry

    Behind only Norry in size, Fat Norry somehow never seem sto lose weight despite the hard lives the bandits live. This rotund bandit is rarely seen without some sort of food clutched in his greasy hand.

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