Vors May 25, 2710 AR

My dear boy,

I feel I must apologize for the coldness of out last interview. Your fortitude in the face of the reversal of fortune is highly commendable, but even Aroden himself could not have thought without reproof of such drastic measures as I was forced upon. I fear that you must have come to regard me as a blackguard.

I will not dwell in either self-recrimination of justification; neither is to the purpose or your own feelings. Your father was a great man and our hopes for you have borne such fruit that my pride and relief know no bounds. Perhaps I have not the right to claim parental emotions, yet you will always be the son of my heart.

If at any time you find yourself in need of that which it is in my power to give, I and my steward in Restov—Milikin-are at your disposal.

May the Gods smile upon your fortune,

Lord Vors Madvyed


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