Letter from Kurik to Melchior
1st Gozran 4714

My Lord,

Please accept the bearers of this missive as your new guardsmen. Mistress Artoria, due to health compications, requires some months to recuperate from your last…adventure. Please try not to scare these two off, they seem to be competent.

Your Servant,


Meet the Misfits...I mean Miners!!

2nd_chance_mine.jpg 2nd Chance Miners


Thonolan—male human Founder and leader
Aga Fau—Deputy, female human
Morvass—female halfling, mated to Gigkubad
Brak Bodore—male dwarf
Elonal Philevin—“male elf Elly”
Zoblit—male kobold


Cragger Kench—male human Former bandit for Stag Lord, Stablehand
Olin Onghili—male half-elf Stablehand
Dubagra Gob—male human
Gigkubad—male halfling, mated to Morvass


Ayles Megeson—male human former Stag Lord Lieutenant, in isolation
Topper Red—male human former Stag Lord bandit, bard
Kirk Meshit—male human
Dreth—female half-orc
Thorgunder the False—male dwarf
Githelor—male elf
Blob—?? goblin
Derthug—male dwarf
Kit Nurdat—female half-elf

Kuthona 4713
Thonolan to Goody Niska

From Thonolan to Goody Niska


Public Notice
Kuthona 4713

Seen on the public notice board in Haven—


Public Notice
Neth 4713

Seen on public notice boards throughout Sylvangarde:


Lamashan 4713
Lord Miliken to Goody Niska

From Lord Miliken of Haven to Goody Niska

Posted in Haven Town Square, Rova 4713


Perlivash, cat-sized faerie dragon:

And then, on the the next King’s Men adventure:

Guard Duty: Its a big Duty!

Letter to Lord Vors, Lamashan 12

My Lord,

As ever, I hope this missive finds you well. There seems never to be a dull moment around here. We continue to make progress little by little. Haven and Tatzlford are developing steadily, and we are expecting to formally incorporate Oleg’s trading post within a few months. Normally, I do not approve of expanding our territory faster than our growing infrastructure can keep up, but I feel it is past time that I gave Oleg the official support that he deserves, as for all his gruff exterior, he and his wife have been good to me this past year.

Now that I think of it, sometimes it is amazing to realize that it has already been over a year since I first set out from Brevoy. So much has happened—most of it beyond my wildest imaginings. I could not have imagined, when I first left the north, that I would be charged with the ordering of an entire sovereign territory, particularly one as…diverse, as this one has proven to be. I certainly could not have imagined that I would now be happily wed to such a lovely, beautiful, and talented woman as Coriella. Over all, it has been strange, unlikely, yet wonderful—a phrase which could describe the current course of Sylvangarde as a whole, in addition to my marriage. The future is unknown, but for now I am pleased to see that my tiny little realm has drawn to it a number of people who are as diverse in their origins and makeup as they are united in purpose. They came here looking for better lives and better opportunities, and to that end have come together to overcome many unprecedented challenges. I like to imagine that the people here share my vision of a community built upon mutual trust and cooperation.

I will be forever grateful that everyone put their trust and faith in me as I made the unorthodox decisions that have shaped Sylvangarde since its founding. Giving full recognition to all non-hostile sentient beings within our bounds, such as fey and kobolds, has certainly caused much head-shaking and incredulity, but in recent months I have seen firsthand the wonderful fruit of those decisions, and a (pleasantly) surprising outpouring of support from the citizenry regarding them. I hope that I have not yet exhausted everyone’s patience, however, as I fear I am not stopping there. As I write this, I have just concluded negotiations with a tribe of lizardfolk to the south. Their ways are still strange to me, but Coriella seems to know much about them, and their leader is surprisingly erudite, so I have little fear in dealing with them.

I must say, every such diplomatic victory bolsters my hope. Our fey allies have proven invaluable to the overall defense of the realm, and the kobolds have proven to be an unexpected economic boon. As our mining operations develop, that should prove all the more true. Now, with the peaceful contact with the lizardfolk, we have simultaneously removed a potential threat and gained yet another unlikely ally. Though they are not yet encompassed within our claimed territories, and would likely retain their sovereignty in any case, and I could not command them, they will likely prove a deterrent to any hostile forces or creatures from that direction, or would at the very least give us warning.

All in all, I am heartened by my experiences of the past weeks. The grand experiment proceeds apace, and though we yet have much work to do, I am confident that we will meet the coming challenges with all the tenacity and vigor of those who know they work toward something greater than themselves. Thus, my Lord, I wish to leave you with hope. Until next time, be well, my Lord.


PS: The young swordswoman who recently came from Medvyed, Arturia, has proven herself to be a loyal and scarily competent companion. Between her and Coriella, I feel remarkably secure. I do hope that you are not depleting Medvyed of all such exceptional young men and women!


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