2 Thonolan

This young male sports an intricately braided blonde beard and a beaded pouch around his neck.


Oracle 3, Human male NG
Init 1 darkvision 30’, see below perception +1
AC 17 ff 16 touch 11 BAB +2 CMB
4 CMD 14
HP 22
Fort+1 Ref+2 Will+5 resist acid 5
Spd 30’
Heavy Pick+2 1d6 (x4)

Str 11 Dex 12 Fort 11 Int 15 Wis 12 Cha 14
Curse: clouded eyes—cannot see beyond 30’
Stone Mystery: earth glide 1 min/day/lvl, nonconsecutive
Appraise+6, craft+8, P(miner)7, SM7, Survival+7
Martial weapon proficiency,

Spells: 1-5/day
0-create water, guidance, mending, virtue, light
1-magic stone, obscuring mist, CLW, Comp languages

Heavy pick, breastplate, backpack(crowbar, flint and steel, mwk carver’s tools, climber’s kit), explorer’s outfit, healing belt


Grew up in a profession—carving, quarrying
No parents alive, 4 siblings (Fiola, Marthona, Markeno, Caroliia)

Keeps sacred carving in pouch around neck

Lost wife in childbirth, wanderlust his whole life
fatalistic, but not depressed—it’s in Pharasma’s hands

Never takes pouch off
Long braided beard, never takes pouch off

Always throws a pinch of salt over his right shoulder at meals
Collects uniques rocks

Afraid of catching fire

He is forgiving and peaceful but careless and fatalistic

Often says ’that’d be like wrasslin an elemental’ when a task is impossible

2 Thonolan

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