2 Mikmek

This eager kobold looks at you with surprisingly intelligent eyes.




MikMek, of the Sootscale kobold tribe.
Met Melchior in a moonradish patch, where he first displayed his startling intellect by . . . falling ‘asleep’
he later solicited the kindhearted melchior’s help in freeing his tribe from a despotic, destruction bent ‘kobold’ shaman. Melchior took pity on Mikmek’s attempts to learn magic to challenge the shaman’s god, giving the kobold a damaged spellbook to study. Surprisingly, Mikmek seems to have learned to cast at least one spell from it . . .

Following the sudden death of the old shaman, Mikmek has agreed to become the Sootscale’s new shaman, after undergoing a ‘wiseguy journey’.

2 Mikmek

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