5 Citizens of Haven


Lucien-Proprietor of the Dancing bear
Gary Staffordson-local farmer, older brother of Rick Staffordson
Cookie Sampson, local party girl who likes to dress mannishly(especially sporting facial hair)
Lily Teskertin—local flirt, lady’s aide to Coriella Olirose
Cloriella Olirose and Lord Mayor Melchior of Sylvangarde
Goody Malgorzata Niska: Council member and head of the local constabulary
Perlivash and Tig-Titter-Tut: faerie dragon and grig more commonly found here than anywhere else…
Arven the Fisher—local…fisherman, recently assisted by Melchior to eliminate reptilian competition for his favorite spot on the Tuskwater…
Calvin—keeping Lady Arrow’s horse, construction worker.
Goody Zedeka—Arven’s wife
Goody Velina—fletcher
Goody Lecta—official holiday planner for Sylvangarde
Goody Angi—Armsmistress, personal trainer in Miliken’s household
Michaela—hot-tempered sargent of the guard

Zenina Fachi—in the Lady’s Guard


Belladonna Jariss— librarian and self-appointed teacher
Chaldira Surren— blacksmith, sensitive to the fact that she’s a female blacksmith, thus very competitive
Hamil Dresden— shipwright, owner of “Dresden Shipyard”
Jekken Szorli— owner of “Szorli’s General Store,” envious of the markets at Oleg’s, often petitions for a larger marketplace in Haven to draw business
“Lady” Shametha Bruin— not actually noble, owns the “Laughing Swan” dance hall, mostly books events and performances, desire for respectability at war with her lucrative escort service side business
Willard Guthrie— cleric of Erastil, tends to Erastil’s shrine in Haven


5 Citizens of Haven

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