Meet the Misfits...I mean Miners!!

2nd_chance_mine.jpg 2nd Chance Miners


Thonolan—male human Founder and leader
Aga Fau—Deputy, female human
Morvass—female halfling, mated to Gigkubad
Brak Bodore—male dwarf
Elonal Philevin—“male elf Elly”
Zoblit—male kobold


Cragger Kench—male human Former bandit for Stag Lord, Stablehand
Olin Onghili—male half-elf Stablehand
Dubagra Gob—male human
Gigkubad—male halfling, mated to Morvass


Ayles Megeson—male human former Stag Lord Lieutenant, in isolation
Topper Red—male human former Stag Lord bandit, bard
Kirk Meshit—male human
Dreth—female half-orc
Thorgunder the False—male dwarf
Githelor—male elf
Blob—?? goblin
Derthug—male dwarf
Kit Nurdat—female half-elf


astrounicorn astrounicorn

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