Elizyana's Journal, Part 2

Past entries

Arodus, 4713

After a few days of travel, I just arrived in Haven. I have to say, this place is not quite as bad as I was fearing. The town is pretty neat and tidy, the people are friendly, and it looks at least as civilized as your average country town in Brevoy. I just need to find the barracks and give someone my letter, then hopefully I’ll be able to find something to do to support myself here. I’m still a little freaked out by how my life got turned on its head, but right now I’m actually feeling determined to prove myself. And, I dare say, feeling a bit optimistic. And as far as I can tell, none of the crazy, weird, or bad stuff I’ve heard about this place is true after all. This might not be so bad.

[Later that day…]



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